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“If you like my voice, I can help you.”

Josh Meyer Demo 2020

“You Have a unique product. I have a unique voice.”

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“People positively associate and recognize my voice everywhere I go. If you need your message or product to stand out and be recognized, then I’m your man. If you’re looking for ordinary, I’m happy to help and can point you in the right direction. “

Josh has a deep, rich voice. The perfect voice for product branding.

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-Why do clients hire me?-
“Clients hire me because I have a unique and diverse personality and skill set and because of the professionalism I bring to my work. I’m passionate about being your voice. It’s a purpose. It’s a privilege. It’s what I do because it’s what I love. My service and talent are top-notch.”

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A Freelance Voice Over Specialist and Voice Talent -The D.C metropolitan area’s Premier Voice Over Talent. MSN alone has Josh’s Voice and Voice Overs featured Hundreds of times.

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Splashnews Demo 2019

The Worst of Harvey Weinstein

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