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“You have a unique product. I have a unique Voice.”

Dynamic -“Lets create something beautiful

Josh Meyer


Professional Voice Over Talent

“Clients hire me because I have a unique and diverse personality and skill set and because of the professionalism I bring to my work. I’m passionate about being your voice. It’s a purpose. It’s a privilege. It’s what I do because it’s what I love. My service and talent are top notch.”
My philosophy in voice over is to artfully create emotional states and reactions. This is what I do for my clients.
I’m an artist, a studio owner, creator, and diverse individual. As a professional voice over talent my outlook is to create an emotional reality within the house I’ve been asked to design by the people that hire me. I invoke emotional reactions through words and their delivery. That is just one of my art forms. When clients ask me to choose music for their voice-over project, my art becomes even more effective. We need our audience to feel the way we intend them to feel when conveying our message. In this realm, I happen to be a professional. Let’s create art.
 It’s been a long road translating my skills into a profession and finding my place in the world. I’ve always been drawn to using my voice and music. In short, I believe that is one of my purposes in life and certainly in my profession.
 I stumbled upon Voice Over from writing and recording original music and poetry. The studio owner approached me one day and asked if I had ever considered going into VoiceOver. He thought I had a natural gift as a storyteller and great voice for it. Sounds pretty awesome I thought to myself. I decided to get professional training and go for it!
 The biggest issues I’ve had in this industry is letting potential clients know that I exist. So I began learning how to market myself (Not Easy by the way). The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve changed my business model so I can better serve my clients and not rely on agents and agencies to only partially connect us. It’s been a lot of trial and error.
 The good news is, I’ve since completed over 3,000 paid Voice overs, have worked with worldwide clients, and have been featured on MSN hundreds of times as the voice of a celebrity news channel. I love my job. If I can be of service to you, please feel free to contact me in regards. I’m dedicated to serving.

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A Freelance Voice Over Specialist and Voice Talent -The D.C metropolitan area’s Premier Voice Over Talent.

MSN alone has Josh’s Voice and Voice Overs featured Hundreds of times.  Why Do Clients Hire Me?

From Entertainment, Online content, Commercials, corporate videos, to Storytelling and more.
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Josh lives in an incredibly diverse and multi-cultured area of our nation’s capital.
Consequently, Josh has experience with people from all walks of life and has a very strong understanding and knowledge of human behavior and psychology.

With long term exposure to the elements of the metropolitan area, in a combination of personality traits and upbringing,
Josh is a very diverse and well rounded human being that has experienced nearly every emotion Imaginable.
In other words, This is a key and important feature to voice acting.
When the actor has the ability to fully associate a script on an emotional level,
that is the moment the script’s heart begins to beat and becomes reality.